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Inspector Gasket

At Inspector Gasket, we want to be your gasket guy! We are a fabricator of manufacture of commercial grade gaskets, stocking hundreds of different gaskets which we custom make for your commercial kitchen freezers, refrigerator units, and walk-in coolers to help you save money. We were established to fill a void in the restaurant industry to help maintain their commercial refrigeration coolers and freezers with magnetic gaskets to reduce the unexpected refrigeration compressor expenses that hurt the restaurant’s bottom line. At Inspector Gasket, we deliver gaskets on your command.

Now, we have expanded our line to include a wide range of commercial kitchen products. In addition to our commercial kitchen gaskets, we also offer hardware such as handles, closers, and hinges for walk-in coolers as well as refrigerator handles and spring kits. We even offer diamond plate work for your walk-in cooler and commercial grade cutting boards to be your ultimate resource for all of your commercial kitchen needs.